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Address No. 247, Nanjing W. Rd., Datong Dist., Taipei City
Business hours 11:00~19:00, everyday
Holiday No
Telephone +886-2-2558-8843
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From Taipei Metro station

Get off at Beimen station (Green Line.) Take Exit 3 and then walk Tacheng St. toward the direction of Dihua St. After the third traffic light (and about 6-minute walk), you’ll see OrigInn on your left.

From Taoyuan International Airport (TPE)

Take Taoyuan Airport MRT (preferably the faster Express train) and get off at A1 Taipei Main Station. Afterwards follow the sign to MRT Beimen station (Green Line.) Then walk about 6-min to OrigInn (instructions above.)
- Total estimated time: 80 minutes

From Taipei Songshan Airport (TSA)

Take Taipei Metro just outside the airport. Transfer from Brown Line to Green Line at Nanjing-Fuxing station. Get off at Beimen station and then walk about 6-min to OrigInn (instructions above.)
- Total estimated time: 30 minutes

Pick-Up & Drop-Off Service for TPE airport

Fee is NTD 1,000 for pick-up and NTD 900 for drop-off (a standard car for 4 passengers; if larger car is needed the price will adjust accordingly.) Please provide date/time/flight number/how many passengers/name. The reservation needs to be made one day before the service.
- Total estimated time: 35 minutes

Parking garage info:

Civic Blvd. Tacheng Garage
Address: Ln. 143, Zhengzhou Rd., Datong Dist., Taipei City (marked in the map above)
Business Hours: 24 hours
Fee: NTD 20/hour (day time; 08:00~18:00), NTD 10/hour (night time; 18:00~08:00)

Tacheng Park Underground Garage

Address: No. 11, Tacheng St.., Datong Dist., Taipei City (marked in the map above)
Business Hours: 24 hours
Fee: NTD 30/hour


| Block Introduction |

DaDaoCheng is Taipei’s earliest economy and culture hub. With numerous traditional buildings and over-100-year history, this is where preserves the most authentic memory of old Taipei. An internationalized and wealthy area in the early days, the locals loved to build their houses in Europe colonial style. Many of these houses are still well preserved nowadays.

In Dihua St., old temples, cloth stores and tea shops still stand in this bustling neighborhood after generations. At the same time, the young blood come here as well. All kinds of cultural workshops, art gallery and self-owned cafés show up. Now, the old and the new live side by side in harmony, giving DaDaoCheng an unique and charming atmosphere unlike anywhere else in Taipei.

You also cannot miss the food when you visit DaDaoCheng. Local delicacy is literally at every corner. Thick rice noodles, marlin fish with rice noodles, pork knuckle and traditional pastries, you name it. Eating well (and full) is never a problem here.

Old neighborhood is a reflection of how a city looks at its tradition and culture. With the help of government and civil groups, DaDaoCheng has revived into a lively area with rich history. We are proud to be part of it, and believe you will enjoy it as much as we do.