The house was built nearly a hundred years ago. In contemporary Taipei, it’s like an old gentleman with graceful

manners and a unique style. Modern amenities fitting the architectural style ensure visitors a cozy stay in Taipei.

Television is not offered in the room. Music is the thing we would like to enjoy here. We provide a vinyl record player

from the 1960s - to bring you back to the good old days of unforgettable music.

Discover YOUR Taipei starting from the historical house with the lifestyle of Old Good Taipei.

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| Room |

Imagine that you lived in Taipei a hundred years ago.
You own a baroque building, There is also a patio in the most prosperous street at the time.

Not far from the City God Temple is the center of faith for residents, There is also a big market next to it, In the morning market, all the people in Taipei seemed to be gathered there, so it was not lively.

You are standing in a high room, Desperately looking at the crowds coming out of the window, The ear is accompanied by the melodious music of the vinyl record player.

Suddenly there is a kind of understanding, so living in Taipei is quite interesting.

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First Floor

| 1 Floor |

The guests who come here are friends,

Friends come to Taipei, we hope that the guests can enjoy themselves.

Our first floor is a coffee shop with vinyl music,

At the same time, we also offer delicious freshly brewed coffee every morning,

Happy to discuss the day's travel plans with the guests.

In the evening, we are here waiting for friends to go home,

Talk about the experience of roaming in Taipei today; sometimes it’s time to come,

Everyone is here to talk about wine, and chatting in the north and the south is also

There are always things. Feel free to come to Taipei to play! Our friends.

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Bulletin Board

| News |


| Traffic Infomation |

Address | No. 247, Nanjing W. Rd., Datong Dist., Taipei City

Business hours | 11:00~19:00, everday

Holiday | No

Phone | +886-2-2558-8843

Station | North Gate

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Reservation Infomation

| Reservation Infomation |

I am very happy that you like our hotel!

This house is a historical building of nearly a hundred years, and the decoration also maintains the style of the old times,

I hope that you can experience the beautiful life of the big rice glutinous rice in the past. Staying in an old house

Some things to note need to be explained first, please understand and agree before

Start the booking process, thank you.

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